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The purpose of the line items in a Nuance licence are usually self-explanatory, however for some it is not always obvious what their purpose is. The tables below explain briefly the purpose of each of the licence items for Nuance Recognizer, Nuance Vocalizer and Nuance Vocalizer Expressive Studio.

Nuance Recognizer

dtmfPermits recognition of DTMF touch tones.
msPermits use of the Nuance Management Station.
osr_nl_uPermits use of Statistical Language Modelling, Statistical Semantic Modelling (up to 5000 meanings), robust parsing and word lattice results.
osr_rec_uPermits activation of speech grammars.
osr_swiepPermits creation of an endpointer instance.
osr_swirecPermits creation of a Recognizer instance.


Nuance Vocalizer

nss_encryptionEnables encryption for TTS (secure_context).
nuance_nvn_cprPermits use of concatenated prompt recordings at runtime.
nuance_nvn_ttsPermits speech synthesis at runtime.
promptsculptor_apdbPermits use of the PromptSculptor application as part of Nuance Vocalizer Expressive Studio for creation of ActivePrompt databases.


Nuance Vocalizer Expressive Studio

vestudio_batchgentranscrPermits generating transcriptions in batch.
vestudio_wavegenPermits creation of speech files.
vestudio_apdbPermits creation of ActivePrompts.


For further information regarding Nuance product licencing, please consult the Nuance product documentation, Nuance Support or your Nuance reseller.