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Based on the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center platform, IFacilitate is a flexible and adaptable service desk solution, targetted primarily at Facilities Management but easily adapted to IT service desks, managed offices and other service-orientated industries. IFacilitate is powered via handlers running within CIC with a web portal provided via a separate application server.


  • Self-service web portal to submit and monitor requests
  • Automated email processing to create and update requests via email
  • Self-service speech-enabled IVR to report and update requests via phone call or to be transferred to a Facilities operative
  • SLA/SLO adherence tracking and custom SLA/SLO definition
  • Standard problem categories out of the box and fully customisable problem categories and descriptions
  • Email, SMS and phone call responses to submitted tickets
  • Automated and manual report generation of trends and performance metrics

System Requirements

  • Interactive Intelligence CIC 4.0 +
    • Email integration via CIC to allow tickets to be opened via email and for email responses to be sent out
    • Speech Recognition integration via CIC to allow for speech recognition in the self-service IVR
    • Text to Speech integration via CIC to allow for dynamic speech synthesis in the self-service IVR
    • SMS integration via CIC to allow for tickets to be opened via SMS and for SMS responses to be sent out
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 +
  • Apache Tomcat application server

Project Status

IFacilitate is currently in an early alpha state and is not currently suitable for production use.