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Written in Visual Basic 6.0 and supporting a variety of USB DMX interfaces, DjMX is a software DMX controller, aimed primarily at DJs needing a simple solution to controlling a variety of intelligent lighting effects, without the need for luminaire-specific controllers or large and bulky physical DMX controllers. DjMX is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Microsoft Windows XP.

Able to control any DMX512-compliant lighting fixtures up to a limit of 144 channels. See below under Tested Fixtures for luminaires which have been tested and confirmed as working.

DjMX is currently no longer in development.

Tested Fixtures

DjMX has been confirmed as compatible with the following DMX lanterns and effects, however any DMX512-compatible lanterns should be controllable without issue.

  • American DJ LED Messenger
  • Chauvet DMX-4
  • Chauvet Intimidator Color
  • Elation Par Dim
  • Geni Mojo Spin Master 1
  • Kam Combi Cluster
  • Kam KSM1600V
  • Kam KSM1750
  • Martin Acrobat
  • Martin Atomic 3000 DMX
  • Showtec LED Par 56